STRIGHT V1.1 - Sound Design Instrument

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Version 1.1

STRIGHT is a sound design instrument based on granular synthesis.

The instrument is based on the idea of "scanning" through a sample using an envelope and simultaneously modulating the parameters of granular synthesis and several effects (pitch, dual filter, FM & ring modulation and mappable external effects) to create complex sound gestures and textures.

Big update is here!

New Features:

  • dynamic Duration & Freeze
  • Dual Filter for Serial and Parallel Filtering
  • new FM & Ringmodulation
  • new Effects Section - choose between FM/RING or External
  • Copy and Paste envelopes
  • adjustable Grain Shape
  • Crossfade between envelopes in loop mode
  • New Pitch Section
  • UI Adjustments
  • Fade In & Fade Out

And of course a lot of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Main Features:

  • Sample-based Granular Engine.
  • Scan through the sample using an envelope.
  • Up to eight envelopes for each slot.
  • Envelope Amount for each Parameter.
  • Map envelopes to external parameters.

Red Means Recording's Video:

- Max for Live device for Ableton Live Suite 10 and 11 only - 

Bugs, support and questions please email:

Have fun with the device :)

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STRIGHT v1.1 Max for Live Instrument

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STRIGHT V1.1 - Sound Design Instrument

29 ratings
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